Belly pain

Belly pain (also called “abdominal pain”) in children is defined as discomfort or pain anywhere between the chest and pelvis. There are many potential causes but most of time the pain resolves on its own after a short time. Causes include hunger, constipation, infection, stress, heart burn, and many other illnesses. You should seek care for your child’s belly pain if:

  • the pain is severe
  • the pain prevents your child from drinking or eating anything, and they are getting dehydrated as a result
  • there is also vomiting lasting more than 12 hours or diarrhea for more than 2 days
  • there is blood in the stool
  • there is pain with peeing
  • the child is less than 3 months
  • the pain is a result of trauma to the belly
  • the pain is not severe but lasts more than a week (even if it comes and goes)
  • any other symptoms that are concerning to you

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