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Empower families, enriching workplaces

Summer Health provides pediatric care that fits into your employees’ busy lives. By offering Summer Health to your employees, they can text directly with pediatricians for clear guidance they can count on.

From urgent health issues to everyday questions about their child's development, Summer Health gets them answers in under 15 minutes, 24/7. We help parents do more to support their families while balancing the demands of real life.

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Time is at a premium for working parents, and quality pediatric care is in short supply.

In a child's first year of life, parents want access to a medical professional 67 times on average. If even half of those times result in a visit, that’s more than 30 hours of lost productivity in a year.

Children aged 0-5 experience 8-12 illnesses on average, each year. If each of those result in workday disruptions, that's over a week of interrupted productivity each year.


Always available,
day or night

Summer Health is always available for your employees, so answers and peace of mind are just a text away.

within 15 minutes

Urgent care questions get responses within 15 minutes, 95% of the time.  Our average response time is less than 5 minutes.

of visits help avoid in-person encounters

We can resolve 2/3 of inquiries over text, so your employees avoid the in-person visits that take up precious time and impact their productivity.

Net Promoter

Parents love us; our net promoter score is a 70, which rivals some of the most beloved consumer companies, like Apple.

What parents are saying

I love how non-judgmental it feels.

The hardest part about being a parent right now is also being a working mother.

I've stopped frantically googling every tiny things and my brain feels so much better.

Summer Health has become one of the most valuable tools I have to raise my kids. It feels like a secret superpower.

Cannot stress how amazing it is to be able to just send a quick text and get helpful medical advice or support right away.

Summer Health gives us near-instant access to a real pediatrician at all hours of the day, ready to take look at photos we send or write a prescription when appropriate.

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