Diaper rash

Diaper rashes occur on the skin that is covered by your child’s diaper. They are very common and are usually caused by skin irritation from urine and bowel movements. They can also be caused by infections, such as bacteria or yeast.

Diaper rashes are usually red, itchy, and can be painful. Sometimes the rash can be raised, peeling or contain fluid-filled blisters.

To treat a diaper rash, try to let your child’s skin be exposed to air as much as possible. Check their diaper frequently. Change it when it is wet and immediately after a bowel movement. Gently clean the area with warm water and pat the area dry. Use ointment or paste (with zinc oxide or petrolatum) every time you change the diaper. Seek medical care if:

  • the rash is severe or persistent (lasts more than three days)
  • the rash begins to bleed or ooze or is solid bright red
  • your child also develops a fever
  • appears unusual

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