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Connect with lactation, sleep & nutrition experts for judgment-free support at every stage.
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Expert guidance from postpartum to infant care at every stage.


Starting from birth, get personalized lactation support tailored to you and your newborn.

  • How do I know if my baby is getting enough milk?
  • What are ways I can increase my milk supply?
  • How do I make sure my baby is latching correctly? I am having trouble.
  • How do I relieve the pain from clogged ducts or mastitis?


Get quick reassurance or continuous sleep coaching to support your sleep training goals.

  • We don’t think letting our baby cry it out is right for us.  Is there another way to sleep train?
  • My toddler is sleep regressing and won’t sleep on their own anymore.
  • My baby is rolling roll over while asleep - is there a danger of SIDS?
  • I feel pressure to sleep train by a certain age. Is it harder if we wait?


Get personalized guidance to help you manage your baby’s nutritional development across every stage.

  • When should I introduce solid foods to my baby?
  • How can I tell if my baby has a food allergy or intolerance?
  • Should I be concerned if my baby is not gaining weight or is underweight?
  • My toddler is way too picky. How can I get them to try new food?

How Summer Health Works

  • Set up a brief profile to help us learn about you and your child.
    Once you set up your profile, you can immediately begin texting with us.
  • Text Summer Health.
    If you have questions about lactation, sleep or nutrition, text us and one of our pediatricians will connect you to a care expert within 24 hours. For more immediate concerns, our pediatricians will respond within 15 minutes or less.
  • Get continuous care and support.
    With unlimited visits, you can connect with our care experts as often as you need.

Parent with confidence.

How We Compare

Summer Health is here to radically simplify getting affordable, around-the-clock pediatric care.

Status Quo
Connect with a care expert in under 24 hours with no appointment needed.
Typically you may have to wait 3- 6 weeks to find an available appointment.
No copays or surprise fees. Get unlimited visits with multiple care experts for $20/month.
Provider copays can range from $30 - 45 per visit on most insurance plans and much more when not covered by insurance.
Chat with our care experts for as long as you need, whenever you need, for continuous care and support.
Limited opportunity for follow-up questions between prescheduled visits.
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Common Questions

How does Summer Health select its doctors?
Summer Health curates its network of pediatricians and care exerts based on their training, clinical expertise, communication style and passion for caring for families. All our pediatricians and care experts are based in the U.S.
I am not sure what type of specialist I need, what should I do?
Not to worry! Just text us your health concern and one of our general pediatricians will respond within 15 minutes to let you know who is the appropriate specialist for your concern.
Can I call or do a video call with the doctor if I need to?
Right now, we're all message-based. That's our superpower for providing quick, easy, white-glove care. If something needs to be escalated, our provider will give you additional instructions specifying how and where you can receive in-person care.
Is Summer Health meant to replace my current pediatrician?
Summer Health is meant to enhance not replace your current pediatrician. We serve to give you around-the-clock support for the in the between moments for the extra reassurance and guidance you may need.

Parent with confidence.

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